June 27, 1962

Cutting the cake Eating Cake

Traditional wedding photo of Bride and Groom cutting the wedding cake and then Bride feeding cake to Groom.

Cutting the cake Eating Cake

Father of the bride is served punch by Jeanne, sister of the groom. Bride's Aunt Sister is served cake by Brenda, sister of the groom.

Reception Mom and Brenda in line

Ann may be serving cake here. Her Grandmother Jones and her mother are greeting guests. My Mom and Brenda are in line in the other photo.

Couple with Mothers Lillian Joiner and Hank Thibault

Ann and I wait with our mothers. Bride's maid and best man.

Gifts Gifts

Ann and I receive our gifts. Her Aunt Sister gave us the madonna figure. I'm not sure who gave us the gravy boat.

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Posted: 6/25/2012