Lissa Myers' Monte Ne Photos

2005 Monte Ne Montage

Lissa Standing below the 'Wall'

This is the woman behind the camera. She says her friend, Mandy, inspired her to do these photos and put the montage together. The Beaver Lake water level usually reaches the top of this wall, which is behind (south of) the amphitheater. Because of the severe drouth in Arkansas in 2005, the lake level dropped low enough (1105.7 feet above sea level) to reveal the base of this wall and the top three 'bench' levels of the amphitheater.

The amphitheater was built around the "Big Spring" that supplied water for the lagoon that led to Oklahoma Row, W. H. 'Coin' Harvey's log hotel. He claimed that Oklahoma Row was the biggest log building in the world. It was built on a point of land above and to the west of the main part of the town of Monte Ne, which Harvey developed in the early twentieth century. That was about a half mile north of this location. Harvey even built a rail line from Lowell, Arkansas, to a location near where Lissa is standing to bring tourists to his resort. The tourists had a choice of riding an Italian Swan Boat up the lagoon from the spring to Oklahoma Row or walking along the east bank of the lagoon to the hotel.

Concrete Tower

Oklahoma Row was on the east side of the north end of the lagoon. The large log structure was removed before the lake was filled but this three-story 'tower' was left standing. Old photo postcards show Oklahoma Row with the tower at the south end. The log structure was built on a concrete foundation which included basement rooms. The average lake level fills the basement rooms and occasionally high water levels reach the top of the foundation.

Tower Interior View

Lissa caught the early morning light at just the right time to get this artistic photo of a first floor room in the tower and then got this great foggy view through the windows out over the lake.

Misty Lake from Tower Windows

Corner Fireplace

This small concrete structure seems to be a two-story fireplace of some sort. It is east of Oklahoma Row and closer to the Monte Ne town site. Several other foundation structures are further to the east and they may be associated with Missouri Row or the indoor swimming pool. In the early 1960s this area was so overgrown with brush and trees that these structures were not obvious to the casual visitor.

Old Circular Foundation

Unidentified tourists are sitting on the old foundation east of the chimney structure. The east bank of this part of Beaver Lake is in the distance. The next photo shows the foundation from the east side.

An old foundation revealed

Upper Level of West Side of Amphitheater

Now that Monte Ne has become such an attraction, one must arrive early to get a photo without the crowd. Back at the south end of the lagoon now, the wall that Lissa was standing by is in the center background behind the amphitheater. There once were two more columns at this end of the upper part of the amphitheater. The highest column, which formed this end of the upper wall, disappeared soon after the lake was filled in 1965. The second on down from the top (near the tree stump) was there at least until 1977.

There is evidence that the amphitheater was built sometime between 1926 and 1932 when Coin Harvey was a candidate for president.

Tourists gathered on the amphitheater

The Amphitheater from east side.

These views from the east shore or from a boat give a different pespective on the amphitheater and the 'wall.'

The 'Wall' as viewed from the water

By the fireplace.

Bouncing back to the north side, Lissa and her friend Mandy sit by the fireplace structure and finally Lissa poses at the amphitheater with the late afternoon winter sun behind her.

Lissa late in the day.

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Posted: 1/12/06