Dave Skipper's Daughters

Harriet was the second child of Dave and Kate Skipper. She was born September 8, 1872. Dave and Kate were 23 years old and older sister Florence was three. Harriet's Skipper grandparents were still living. Her grandfather was 57 and her grandmother was 42. Grandma Louisa's mother was 67 and still living with the family.

By the time Harriet was twelve in 1884, her Grandfather Skipper had died, but her Great Grandmother Garnto, Louisa's mother, was still living and Harriet had four younger siblings: sisters 10 and 5 years old and brothers seven and one year old. The one-year-old brother was my grandfather, James Arthur Skipper.

Permission Slip Harriet's older sister, Florence, got married in August 1887 and in February 1888, Harriet got married at the age of 15 . She married James Franklin Lloyd, who was seven years older than she, on February 12, 1888. Dave Skipper had to give permission in writing for her to get married at that young age. "C. E. Hawkins you will issue marriage lissons to J. F. Loyd & H.L. Skipper (signed) D. J. Skipper M. C. Skipper" Dave signed it for Katie also. This note was found between the pages of a book of records in the Conway County Courthouse about 100 years after it was written.

James and Harriet's first child, Aveline, was born December 3, 1888, just after Harriet turned 16.

They had eight children:
  • Aveline (1888 - ?)
  • William (1892 - ?)
  • James (1894 - ?)
  • John (1896 - 1961)
  • Dewey (1898 - ?)
  • Napoleon (1902 - ?)
  • Arka Lavelle (1904 - ?)
  • Lucy (1907 - ?)
Harriet Loyd - 1918 James Loyd - 1920 By the end of March 1900, Dave and Kate had 18 grandchildren. Their four oldest daughters and their oldest son, John Quincy, were married. Dave's mother, Louisa, and his Grandmother Garnto had died.

Harriet died February 28, 1918, at the age of 45. John Quincy's wife also died in 1918 of the flu epidemic that year. James Lloyd died December 23, 1920 at the age of 55. They were both buried in the Lone Grove Cemetery located one mile west of the old Skipper home place at Round Mountain. Napoleon, Arka, and Lucy were still in their teens.

'Lou' was Dave and Kate's third child. They were 25 when she was born December 13, 1874. They might have had their own place by that time. Dave's mother, Louisa, was 44. Lou may have been named for her grandmother and her great grandmother, Rebecca Garnto, who still lived with Joseph and Louisa. (My daughter's name is Rebecca Louise Skipper.) Rebecca Garnto (Joseph's mother-in-law) was about 70 and Joseph was 60. Dave's two older girls were five and two years old. When Lou was three, the first son, John Quincy, was born to Dave and Kate. Another sister and brother were born before Lou got married and two sisters and a brother were born after she got married.

In late 1896 or early 1897, Lou married Andrew Lafayette Treece. She was 22 years old and he was 23. Lou's older sisters had been married for more than 10 years and together had 11 children. Lou and Andrew's first child, Russel Ager Treece was born July 18, 1897. All of their children were born in Conway County; the first three in Lanty and the other three in Morrilton or Overcup. Sometime later they moved to Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Their children were:
  • Russel Agar (1897 - 1954)
  • Alvah (1900 - 1979)
  • Kate Elizabeth (1909 - )
  • Betty Catheryn (1911 - )
  • Otis Arden (1914 - 1945) Otis was lost in the South Pacific during WWII. Dave and Kate lost three grandsons in WWII: Otis Arden Treece; my father, James Arthur Skipper, Jr.; and Carl Toby's son, Raymond Columbus, who died of a broken neck in the U.S. Navy in the South Pacific
  • Charles Hughes (1917 - )
Lou's father, Dave, died the year Kate Elizabeth was born and her mother, Kate, died the year Otis Arden was born. The surviving children of Dave and Kate had difficulty in settling their parents' estate and there were hard feelings the two younger sisters , who favored giving all the land to their brothers, and the surviving older sisters and their husbands. The children soon began to scatter; brothers James and Carl moved to England, Arkansas; sisters Elmer and Ethel moved to Oklahoma; and sister Harriet died. Only Elizabeth Cassandra Cowen and John Quincy Skipper remained in Conway County after the early 1920s.

Aunt Lou Treece Andrew Treece died in 1952 and Lou died March 17, 1954. They were living in Jonesboro at the time. This photograph of Lou, taken with Florence Skipper Krisell's children, may have been made after Andrew died, but might have been made in 1951 and he was not in the photo for some reason.