MAY 13, 2001
Young Mom
"Precious mem'ries, unseen angels,
Sent from somewhere to my soul;
How they linger, ever near me,
And the sacred past unfold.
Precious mem'ries, how they linger,
How they ever flood my soul,
In the stillness of the midnight,
Precious, sacred scenes unfold."

2001 Mom
Momma about 1940
Momma 2001
This is a vertical marker at 470 down and 10 across and 750 long.
Twin Cats Thumbnail
Twin Cats Thumbnail
Granny and Grace were born in the late 70's, so they were over 15 years old when this photo was taken in 1995. Granny was originally named Mr. Mailbox and Grace was Kat Jackson. Our young daughter named them for Kate Jackson and for who knows! Grace was too much of a grey princess even for the name Kat Jackson and Mr. Mailbox became a grandmother. They were born at our home of the same litter. They lived a few more years and I have a later photo of them somewhere.
White Water
White River Water
White River Water
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