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"Dry Run" for Hubble Space Telescope Launch Tools

An assortment of tools was prepared or modified for use during the Hubble Space Telescope launch mission in the event that there were problems that required an EVA to free the telescope from the cargo bay or other contingency. Operation of the tools at the cold vacuum conditions of space had to be verified and this facility had been set up to allow the assigned EVA astronuats to practice with the tools at vacuum and verify that they operated satisfactorily.

Kathy Sullivan performed this 'sea-level' dry run exercise to practice the procedures and to verify that everything was within her reach for the vacuum run.


Kathy Sullivan Dry Run for Hubble Launch Mission

Walk Through We do a familization 'walk-thru' before the actual suited dry-run.
Working with foot restraint Kathy is listening to instructions for how to operate the portable foot restraint. The foot restraint had three degrees of freedom so that it could be positioned to give the astronaut the best working position. In 1-G it had to be suspended in a way that would keep it balanced and in position so that it could be moved through its various orientations.
Stowing Foot Restraint The foot restraint is now in its storage configuration and Kathy is placing it back in the storage bracket.
Working at Tool Table Many of the tools and work stations were located on the table. Kathy is using a specially modified power tool to remove the screws from electrical connectors.
Donning Step 4 The transfer from the airlock to the main chamber and the return to the airlock could be difficult. The astronaut is leaving the chamber work area and moving toward the airlock door.
Donning Step Complete Kathy is preparing to step over the threshold of the open door from the chamber into the airlock.

PAGE ONE - Brief summary of the records of the first women in space. Kathy Sullivan just barely misses an opportunity to be the first woman to do an EVA. More photos.
PAGE TWO - A time-in-suit record is set. Photos of female test subjects during sequence of suit donning steps.
PAGE THREE - More photos of Kathy Sullivan during vacuum chamber dry-run activities for the Hubble Space Telescope Tools Test.


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Posted: 7/30/03