*My Great Grandparents*

*My Dearest Grandmom*

*My Dearest Grandmom and Antonio (the words in the background are the original dedication she wrote to my grandad on the back of the photo).*

*My Dearest Grandparents*

*My Dearest Grandparents' Hands*

*My Uncles*

*My Dearest Aunt Aurora and Daddy*

*My Grandmom, Aurora and Daddy in a country party during Spring*

*My Daddy is 2 years old*

*My Daddy is 14 and 17 years old from left to right*

*Custodio is my grandad's nephew*

*My Daddy and my uncle Luiz, two brothers, two great friends*

*My dear aunt Aurora at her wedding day*

*My beloved ones*

*Grandmom and Grandad*

*Grandmom and Grandad - My Grandad's last photo*

*My Grandmom just by herself, missing my grandad*

*My Grandmom by her son Celio*

*My Grandma is 92 years old*

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*My Daddy and My Grandma*


This page is dedicated to my dearest Grandma
Emilia de Freitas Paiva, Aurora de Paiva Lima,
Luiz de Freitas Paiva and Celio de Freitas
, a beloved son, brother and father.

I THANK YOU so very much my dear friend
Andrea Jeanne Petersen for the beautiful
poem she wrote specially for Grandma and me.

The lady on the background photo is
Virginia de Freitas, my Grandma's youngest
sister. She is dressed in typical Portuguese
clothes. The photo was taken in Porto, Portugal
(1914) and it's a family photo.

* * *

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Virginia's photo

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Thank You, my dear friend Eveline

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