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Jemma has a beautiful set of photos of scenes around Red Square in Moscow and a couple of her apartment block and office block. Click on the 'thumbnail' images to link to quarter-size (800x600) image files of her photos. The link to her site is shown above.

PHOTO CREDIT:Jemma Mitchell © 2002

St. Basil's Cathedral in Red Square...this is the picture most people associate with Moscow, the famous building with the colourful blobs on the top! The top of the cathedral is currently undergoing repairs so is hidden by scaffolding and netting...not very not shown in the photo really!
The entrance to Red Square approaching from behind St. Basil's
The famous Red Square...not red as you can see! GUM, a huge shopping centre is on the right and the Kremlin is on the left. I don't know what the pointed red building ahead is though...sorry!
This is GUM, a stalin-era shopping centre in Red Square. The architecture is quite amazing. It's full of little designer boutiques and upmarket shops....rather expensive but nice to look at!
This is Lenin's mausoleum in Red Square. It's a bit difficult to see in the photo, but it's a dark black and red marble building guarded by a few soldiers, and inside is a glass case with Lenin in a suit on display but he doesn't look real at all! He's like a waxwork! His skin is shiny and waxy looking....some say they've buried his body and this isn't real! Personally, I think they SHOULD bury him and put a fake in the mausoleum, because nobody would be able to tell the difference!
This is the tourist entrance to the Kremlin!
This is the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. It's actually very new, but it's a copy of the original, and it's huge! It towers over the surrounding area, right on the river bank.
This is a random monument near Alexandrovsky Sad, by the Kremlin. Beneath this little park is a huge modern shopping mall! The dome has a map of the northern hemisphere worked into the glass and is visible from inside or outside the mall! A beautiful gold fountain is under the dome in a three-story atrium. View the dome from inside and the fountain.
A view along the Moscow River, with the Kremlin on the right...
The Kremlin, home of the Russian government and President Putin, overlooking the Moscow River. Please note that occasionally we do have sunny, clear skies....this photo proves that!
Another view of the Kremlin looking the other way up the river!
This is where I work. The office is right beside the river/canal, nr Red Square, and there's a pretty good view of the Kremlin from the front!
This is where I live! Yes, its a block of flats, much like any other in Moscow. They were built for practicality, not aesthetic value! There are four of us, living in a three-room flat (and I mean 3 rooms!). Its small but its warm enough...and my landlords, Lyuda and Vitaly, are very friendly and help me with my Russian! They must have a lot of patience!
Vitaly, my landlord, is a composer and one evening I was given an amazing impromptue performance by him and an opera-singer friend of his!


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Re-posted: 11/12/02