Judsonia, Arkansas

March 21, 1952
(Photos by W. Irving Skipper)
Click the photos to see enlarged details.

One Two
Three Four
Five Six
Seven Eight
Nine Ten
Eleven Twelve
Thirteen Fourteen
THE WORST TORNADO IN ARKANSAS HISTORY gives an excellent description of this storm. "Among the communityís 1,100 residents was former editor William Ewing Orr. His description of the storm is the most vivid first-person account written. Following is an excerpt from "Thatís Judsonia," a book published in 1957 by Orr, who later served two terms as president of the White County Historical Society. Two years before his death in 1997, he told a local historian that the following description was still hard for him to read because of the tragic memories involved." The tornado occurred on March 21st and Uncle Irving took the photos on March 22nd. Note that the electric clock is stopped at 6 seconds after 5:34. The story says 5:54, but that must be a typographical error. Click the photo to see an enlarged view of the clock.
IMPLOSION OF THE HOTEL MARION - A series of photos by W. Irving Skipper showing the destruction by implosion of the Hotel Marion in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1980.


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