North Pole, November 29,1955


My Dearest Silvinha,

I don't think you received my last letter where I tried to warn
you about your behaviour. If you want to receive your Christmas
Presents you have to be a very good child.
But, I've been watching you and it seems you don't listen to your
Mom and Dad when they ask you to wash your hands before
having your meals, to behave well and don't let the food becomes
cold, to stop playing with cold water and getting wet, to stop
shouting around doing a mess or threatening to hit your
playmates... and a lot of other things that you, my little child, need
to stop doing. However, don't be sad, because if you listen to me
this time, you'll receive your presents on Christmas Eve, the doll
and the teddy bear you asked me in your letter.
And most of all, you have to let your Mom pour your eye drops...
I know they burn, but just a little bit. You don't need to do what you do!
Don't forget to let the window opened so that I can come in with the
presents... For you, my dearest little darling, a bunch of kisses from
P.S. Give your Father a big hug as he's a very good guy.