Scenes from Sydney

Sydney Skyline

Sydney Skyline from the Harbour

Park Hotel Park View
This was the view from the hotel window. The park was across the street from the entrance. Sydney reminded me of Boston, the only city in the northeast U.S. that I have visited.
Park Building Building by the Park
This building is visible in the previous photo on the far right corner. I remember that it was a church building. It also had a 'Coffee Lounge' or ice cream parlor. The sign is legible on the original slide.
Coffee Lounge Coffee Lounge
This is the interior of the Coffee Lounge. Kodachrome film doesn't do well with flourescent light. It is possible that I was guessing at the exposure and thus got an underexposed, 'muddy' picture.
Buildings Modern Buildings
After our ministry at the church in Cabramatta, we had a day back in Sydney to relax and look around. We really enjoyed our walk through the area near the hotel.
The Strand The Strand
Galveston, Texas, has a street called 'The Strand' and the sign at the top of the building said 'The Strand 1891.' 'Strand Arcade' is on the awning above the sidewalk.
The Tower The Tower
This tower was one of the new things on Sydney's skyline.
Musician Street Musician
Do most big cities have street musicians? This appears to be a native Australian.
Vendor Street Vendor
The fruit, vegetables, and customers made a colorful shot at this street stand.
Pedestrian Boulevard Pedestrian Boulevard
This was a nice place for a stroll. The kiosk had information about events in Sydney.
Busy Street Busy Street
This contrasts with the pedestrian area. The fire department was called in for something as we walked through the area. I may have more about the cars later.
Green Space Green Space
There seemed to be more 'green spaces' than I see in most U.S. towns.
Telephoto View Telephoto View
The building on the left has an interesting look. I'll have a page of the Circular Quay with the Harbour Bridge and Opera House sometime later.

Australia Trip Notes

We made the trip in July 1988 as part of a Texas-wide Baptist Church partnership with the baptists of Australia. (11/11/01 - I will add to the notes later.)

PAGE 1 - Sydney skyline, downtown buildings, green spaces, street vendor and musician, pedestrian boulevard and landmark tower.
PAGE 2 - Scenes along the quay around Sydney Cove: the Harbour Bridge, docks, Sydney Opera House, warehouse restaurant and shops on 'The Rocks,' and more green spaces.
PAGE 3 - Sydney skyline from North Head. The 'North Head.' The South Head.' Highrise architecture in the Manly area. Docks and boats. Beach.
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