June 1992

I took these photos of the Grand Canyon from the south rim while on a trip through New Mexico and Arizona. The film is Kodachrome. I don't remember which camera I used. If you want to see a large version of any of the photos, just click on them. You can go from one large photo directly to the next if you want to. We came into the park from the east, or upper end, of the canyon. The photos are roughly in the order of east to west.
Frame 7 Frame 8 Frame 9 Frame 10 Frame 11 Frame 12 Frame 13 Frame 14 Frame 15 Frame 16 Frame 17 Frame 20 Frame 22 Frame 23 Frame 24 Frame 25
Barringer Meteor Crater More great photos from the trip west. Arizona's meteor crater was the first identified in the world and is the best preserved. We made a hike completely around the rim taking photos as we went.
BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK, TEXAS More rugged western terrain - mountain, desert, and river scenes of one of the least known national parks. Located in the "big bend" of the Rio Grande on the border between Texas and Mexico.
Boquillas Canyon Sand Hill A special feature of Big Bend Nation Park, a giant sand dune rest against the canyon wall beside the Rio Grande. A challenge to climb, but great fun to slide or run down.


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