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"If you want to change or delete my link to you, let me know."

Photography, Poetry, Graphics, and Family History
Andrea's Roses Andrea has many beautiful photographs on her site that exhibit her vision of the people, places, and things around her in the small town of Exeland, Wisconsin. She has the most beautiful photographic pages I have found on the Web in more than a year of surfing PWPs. The pages have beautiful graphics with apropos scripture verses and simple, meaningful, heartfelt poetry and an amazing variety of photographic subjects and techniques.
"I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys. As a lily among brambles, so is my love among maidens."
The Song of Solomon 2:1,2

Banner Jackie has pages of poetry with beautiful graphics and original artwork to fit the mood. She also has pages of old photographs and various tribute pages. Operation Just Cause is a good place to start; then go to her home page and look up 'Liberty Ships' in the Index. From there you're on your own.

Banner Mary has selected some beautiful backgrounds and artwork for her poetry pages. She has two Family Albums. Be sure to check out 'Fred & Mary's Mill Pond.' The Mill Pond is fun. It has lots of wiggly spiders and other creatures. The Pond has a great MIDI of Mungo Jerry's "In the Summertime" Check way down on the right side of the index. While you're at the Mill Pond find 'Photos of the Real Pond' in that index. They have a beautiful fish (frog) pond in their back yard.

Helena Bucasio's Family Album - This is a web page work of art! Helena says of her family "... my family name is Paiva which roots are in Portugal, in the region nearby a small town named Castelo do Paiva. My grandparents are from Portugal, Lisbon and Porto and came to Brazil early in the last century." The old family photos are displayed in antique oval frames and animated cameo lockets. Helena describes the family in poetic prose and includes poetry written by a friend specifically for this page. There are wonderfully apropos quotations from the writings of Pedro Ayres Megalhães and playing softly in the background is a beautiful MIDI arrangement of 'Study 22' from Easy Pieces by J. S. Bach. The rosebud 'bubble' mouse follower lends delicate color to the antique sepia and beige tones.

CHARLOTTE WOOTEN HOLLY's Family Photos and Genealogy
CURRENTLY OUT OF ORDER This link goes directly to Charlotte's "Brief Biography" because it is this biography that provided me encouragement for doing my own brief biography. She has a beautiful MIDI version of Memories playing on this page. After you see the 'Biography', go to "Take Me to the River" for more music and photos of their cabin down by the river! She also has a lovely page dedicated to her father (Wind Beneath My Wings). I suggest that you just look over her nicely done Index and check out everything that would interest you.

The First PWP I Became Acquainted With and Still One of the Best!
Banner When I first began spending time on the Web, I was looking for something interesting and found 'Cherdoo' in a camgirl index. I was intrigued by the cam view and her humorous comments. Beside the cam, I found some writing on her site that was really interesting and well written. The article that originally caught my eyes doesn't seem to be in her current selections, but I have read most, if not all, the others and I recommend them highly. I can't list all the other topics she has tackled - you'll have to check them out for youself - but I will say that she has made it though some pretty difficult times and is able to write about them with sincerity and humor. Select 'Cramps' (short for Brain Cramps) in her Index for the serious writing.
I learned a lot about site design from her pages and she inspired me to keep plugging away at mine. I also made many Web connections by checking out the sites of people who left entries in her old guestbook and by joining the conversation in her forum.

Humorous Looks at Life's Situations, Humorous Journals, and Humorous Travel Stories
Having A Great Time... Wish I Was Here!
Lisa (LeeAnn) describes her site this way: "This is the Web Page of an almost middle-aged woman who lost everything she had in 1999. Her marriage. Her kids. Her home. Her car. And her job. DO NOT READ THIS PAGE if you have back and/or neck injuries, suffer from Motion Sickness, or above all, do not have a good sense of humor." If you read that first page, you'll be hooked. I started at 11:00 one evening and didn't finish until after midnight. She only had 25 pages then, but is up to 50 now. She includes family photos and some really entertaining graphic comic characters. Unfortunately, she says her 51st page may be her last. She is just crushed because her knight in shining armor fell off his white stead or something terrible like that. Maybe you could make a visit and try to cheer her up. UPDATE - LeeAnn's alter ego, the evil twin, Sheann, has taken over LeeAnn's site and has added page 52.

Stir Crazy(8/16/02 Stir is Offline)
~Stir has it all in the humor department: a journal, the story of the funny characters and events in her life, and the humor of unexpected travel situations complete with photos.
2/11/02 - The site has changed. The lead link goes to the travel section. If you can't find an index for her other pages (I can't), use this index. It's worth your time.
Her new Blog is here now. Her old Blog is here.
WhoIs Stircrazy? Look here. (By the way, this is a good place to start!)
More Travel Stories here.
Some Great Stories here.

In A Class by Itself

the basketcase
Melinda lives in Michigan with her husband, Rob, and her cat, Lucky. Lucky has a very interesting Journal. Melinda writes some very interesting stuff when Lucky lets her have a turn on the computer. Melinda says that she used to hear voices and I think that helped create the fascinating things she wrote back then. She has several new interests now that some of you might be interested in. Some of her work would be considered provocative in a sense.

Aspiring Young Writer/Journalists
Adamant TurtleJoanna has worked for several papers during her school years and her articles are included on the site. Her short stories will be of interest to most viewers. Read "The Power of a Cubic Zirconia" to get the flavor of her writing. She also keeps a journal and her "Archives from 12/00 - 5/01" has a lot more good material. Check that out, too.
Alison Roth - Bookmark this site and keep checking. She recently removed most of the content, but hinted that there would be more to come. I hope so; I miss her wry, acerbic wit. It should be worth waiting for what she adds next. She says she is a fan of Dave Barry and some of her writing resembles his.
Hush - 'Annie' is just getting started and shows great potential. I'm going to keep watching for her to 'GO'; maybe you will want to also. Look at her 'Quotes' page. Check her 'Links' too.

Ladies' Home Journals
Tina Marie chose that acronymn for her message board name. She is a young woman in the mid-west who keeps a journal of the everday events in the life of her family. You will find that she is a lovely person. She sent me a shoe-box full of delicious paper-shell pecans from the tree in her yard.
A Woman
A Woman is a friend of ~Stir and has a similar sense of humor. I think you'll enjoy reading this account of the adventures in her life. Some topics may be provocative in a sense.

Men, Too, Make Family PWPs
Loncan-Crosby Family
Enrique Loncan; his lovely wife Marina; his son, Federico; and daughter, Florencia and Jack the dog live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Enrique is making a photo journal of the major events in the life of his family - birthdays (including Florencia's birth photos), anniversaries, Christenings, holidays, and family outings. Enrique and Marina honeymooned in New York City and they share photos they took of and from the World Trade Center. Enrique also has a page of excellent photographs of antique train locomotives made by Tony, a friend in England. There is also a page of beautiful mountain scenery taken by Tony on vacations in Austria and Solvenia as well as Tony's family photos. 1/17/02
Tom Kierstead has a nice family Web page that includes, in addition to family photos and information, pictures of the beautiful natural scenery around Deep Creek Lake and Garret County, Maryland. His family info says: "Tom is a program director for the Continuing Education Division of Garrett Community College. He also teaches various credit courses in psychology and specialty contracted courses in human relations and team building. Tom is also a private DJ, though it's his partner Jack D. who is the music guru." They go camping for vacations and his camp photos and nature photos from Letchworth State Park are really nice. Here are some other listings from his index:
Cam Page | Christmas 2001 | About Tom's Family | Our Place | Katie and Tom Get Married | Our Critters | Vacation 2001 | Katie's Bears | Tom's Coins | Beer | Garrett Community College | Deep Creek Lake & Garrett County, Maryland | Higher Education | Flower Pics | Linkages | Winter 2001/2 | Tom's New Truck | Construction Project

Travel Photos and Photos from Around the World
Carnival Millennium Irmingard Anna Kotelev
Irmingard's images are as bright, sharp, and colorful as projected slides. They are beautiful viewed from her Web Site, but even more beautiful on her CD slide show. You can find details for purchasing the Carnival Millennium CD on her site. Carnival of Venice - The costumes of the participants in the Carnival of Venice are marvelous in their intricacy and brilliant color. Her photos bring out the color whether in sunlight or at night with flash. You might not get a better view of these carnival revelers even if you were there! She says that this year's carnival was really difficult: "Just came home from my stay in Venice for one week for the carnival. It was only fighting for pictures. You can't imagine how bad people were. They hit me, smashed it, insulted me...pulled on my hair, started fighting. . . . So many people, you couldn't move. . . . And in the crowds I couldn't shoot one mask. So I [fought] with 15 lbs photo equipment on my left shoulder. . . . There are about 10 different groups, mostly coming from France, . . . About 6-9 months to make one costume!!!"
Carnival of Trinidad & Tobago - Another look at Carnival!
Santorini - More beautiful photos: bell towers, stairways, domed building, and other beautiful architecture of Santorini. There are many others: Tribute to New York, South Africa, Ireland, and other locations. And other things too numerous to mention.
England, Scotland, Ireland
My son Louis spent three weeks this summer touring these countries in a small rental car. He spent many nights in the car to save money. He made around 700 digital photos, but here has selected 6 from each city. This link is to Liverpool where he photographed famous Beatles locations.
My Turkey in Pictures
Oktay has a large portfolio of great B&W photos of his beloved homeland. The photos include historical locations, natural landscapes, and city and country life. He has included some background MIDI music
A Summer in Greenland
Steffen Meyer says, "I'm a danish orthodontist, and I travelled to Nuuk to work as such, temping for my friend Susanne, who was on maternity leave at the time. I hoped, of course, to experience the Greenlandic culture and nature as well - and I did!!!" His photos of the colorful, quaint achitecture and the marvellous natural settings are sharp and bright as a result of the clear dry air of the far north.
He has added much more to his site. The latest addition documents his trip to Thailand.
Gabi's Travels
This is Gabi's welcome to you: "Hello and welcome!! How, did you find me. I am Gabi, an Austrian from the western part of my beautiful country, from the town Dornbirn in the (for most people unknown) province Vorarlberg. I lived 7 years in Asia (4 years Taiwan and 3 years Japan) and came back to Austria in late 1998. I want to share my travel reports and pictures with other people on the net. I hope you like my homepage and please don't forget to sign my guestbook, thank you!" A real world traveler, she has photos from the U.S.A., Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Lago Maggiore. Her format is to link the pictures to the descriptive words in her travel journal. She must have a couple hundred photos. I haven't had the time to look at all of them. Her journals are fun to read.
Another site here. SIX
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