James and Jo Skipper Descendants

Mary Florence Skipper
and John F. Krisell
Leonard Ernest Krisell 1888
and Jeanette Evans
Leonard Krisell 1912
Pearl Marie Krisell 1914
James Othel Krisell 1916
Wayne Gus Krisell 1919
Martha Delores Krisell 1921
Herbert Krisell 1923
Grace Lavern Krisell 1925
Mary Opal Krisell 1927
Ellen Mae Krisell 1931
William Hobart Krisell 1932
Clara Faye Krisell 1934
Ernest Junior Krisell 1937
Mary Frances Krisell 1889
and Elmer L. Bizzell
Cecil Bizzell
Mildred Bizzell
Willard Bizzell
Vivian Bizzell
Ruth Bizzell
Jean Bizzell
Mary Lee Bizzell
Elmo Bizzell
Dave Lindsey Krisell 1891
and Willie Franklin Noland
David Wilbourn Krisell 1915
Florence Matilda Krisell 1917
Margarette Lavern Krisell 1919
Sybil Maxine Krisell 1923
Edith Eileen Krisell 1926
William Walton Krisell 1929
Betty Jo Krisell 1932
Nancy Delores Krisell 1892
and Roy Hillis
Lee Roy Hillis
Ruby Hillis
Burl Hillis
Grady Hillis
Ola Katherine Hillis
Fay Hillis
Roy Hillis, Jr.
Cora Katherine Krisell 1894
and Mannie Noland
Great Grandchildren
Lou Ellen Krisell 1895
and Charles Fletcher Bizzell
Betty Jewell Bizzell 1917
Walter Murl Bizzell 1920
Lucian C. Bizzell 1922
Moses Hobert Krisell 1896-1971
and Jessie Edna Matthews 1904-1982
Carl Lee Krisell Moses Hobert Krisell, Jr. 1927
J. W. Krisell
James Monroe Krisell 1935
Mary Dean Krisell 1937
Ralph Matthews Krisell 1940
David Ed Krisell 1943
Paul Wayne Krisell 1947
Lynd Ruth Krisell 1950-1970
Olen Quincy Krisell 1898
and Ollie Bruce
Olin Quincy Krisell, Jr. 1924
James Arthur Krisell 1901
and Evelene Hurst
James Darvin Krisell 1926
Harriet Lucretia Skipper 1872-1918
and James Lloyd
Aveline Lloyd 1888 Great Grandchild
William D. 'Bud' Lloyd 1892 Great Grandchild
James Arthur Henry Lloyd 1894 Great Grandchild Cathy Voss Zimmerman?
John Lincoln Loyd 1896 - 1960 James Howard Loyd 1925 Marianne Estes
James Moses Loyd
William Howard Loyd
Anita June Loyd
Dewey Lloyd 1898 Great Grandchild
Napoleon Lloyd 1902 Great Grandchild
Arka Lavelle Lloyd 1904 Great Grandchild
Lucy Lloyd 1907 Great Grandchild
Louisa Rebecca Skipper 1874-1954
and Andrew Lafayette Treece
Russel Alger Treece 1897-1954 Great Grandchild
Alvah "Alva" Treece 1900-1979 Mary Louis Kahre McAuley 1921 Janice McAuley Waters
Kate Elizabeth Treece 1909 Great Grandchild
Betty Catheryn Treece 1911 Great Grandchild
Otis Arden Treece 1914-WWII Greatgrandchildren
Charles Hughes Treece 1917 Great Grandchild
John Quincy Skipper 1877
and Mary Magdalene Sands
and Martha Bice
Ida Saxton Skipper 1900
and Don Taylor Bostian
Iris Dalene 1923
Shirley Lee 1926
Muriel Dean 1928
Ray Don 1933
Annie Lee Skipper 1901
and Claude Evans
Great Grandchild
Arthur Franklin 'Son' Skipper 1903
and Mae Evans
Charles Skipper
Billy Skipper
Gordon Lamar Skipper 1906
and Effie Parker
Great Grandchild
Bertha Carew Skipper 1907
and Marvin Koonce
Great Grandchild
Naomi Mae Skipper 1908
and George Mohr
Bradley Mohr
Delma Catherine Skipper 1910
and Jerrold Atkinson
Great Grandchild
George Quincy 'Bill' Skipper 1912 - 1931
Adam Bradley Skipper 1914
and Evelyn Sisson
Great Grandchild
Winnie Dale Skipper 1916
and Curtis Craine
Great Grandchild
Glenn Bradley Bice Skipper 1918
and Erma Lee McClung
Great Grandchild
Walter Marion 'WM' Bice Skipper 1921
and Billie Wetzell
Great Grandchild
John Quincy Skipper, Jr. 1925
and Rebecca Newberry
Great Grandchild
Elizabeth Casandra 'Betty' Skipper 1880
and Sonnetia H. Cowan
Leon Cowan 1897 Great Grandchild
Leonard Cowan 1899 Great Grandchild
William Cowan 1902 Great Grandchild
Katie Cowan Great Grandchild
Stella Cowan 1910 Great Grandchild
Sturl Cowan 1910 Great Grandchild
Arbra Cowan Great Grandchild
James Arthur Skipper 1883
and Mayola Josephine Noland
Thelma Skipper 1908 Virginia Edgeworth
Elizabeth Edgeworth
David William 'Irving' Skipper 1911
Mildred Pauline Skipper 1919 Skipper Yawney 1946
James Arthur Skipper, Jr. 1921 - WWII James Maxwell Skipper 1941 James Maxwell Skipper, Jr.
Louis Lee Skipper
Rebecca Louise Skipper
John Luther Skipper
Jeanne Fran Skipper 1942 twin Joshua Dalzell
Nell Elaine Dalzell
Josephine Ann Skipper 1942-1943
Joe Noland Skipper 1931 James Arthur Skipper III 1950 Jason Skipper
Ashley Skipper
Renee Skipper 1954 Crystal Balleu
Richard Skipper
Rosie Elmer Skipper 1887-1974
and John W. Edwards
Millard E. Edwards 1912 Great Grandchild
Mildred Ethel Edwards 1914 Great Grandchild
Othel Lee Edwards 1916 Great Grandchild
Mary Opal Edwards Great Grandchild
Leonard Bradley Edwards 1922 Great Grandchild
Syble Irene Edwards 1925 Great Grandchild
Carl G. Edwards 1929 Great Grandchild
Carl Toby Skipper 1889
and Ida Octavia Treadwell
Ritta Skipper 1912 Great Grandchild
Reba Skipper 1912 Great Grandchild
Ruby Skipper 1915 Great Grandchild
Roy Cline Skipper 1916 Great Grandchild
Ruth Carlena Skipper 1918 Great Grandchild
Raymond Columbus Skipper 1921 - WWII
Carl Toby Skipper, Jr. 1926 Great Grandchild
Ethel Pauline Skipper 1894-1957
and James Phillip Turner
Maritta Catherine Turner 1911-1911
James Paul Turner 1913 Paula Turner Chance Parker
Genevieve Alene Turner 1915 - 1928
Johnie Ione Turner 1917 Marian
Lou Ann
Marian Adeline Turner 1919 Mary Glen
Fredis Eustis Turner 1929 Kay Turner
Jan Turner
Brian Turner
Lisa Turner

Table of Descendants
LIFE in the 1880s
Joseph W. Skipper (1814-1875)
David James Skipper (1949-1909)
James Arthur Skipper (1882-1940)
James Arthur Skipper, Jr. (1921-1945)
James Maxwell Skipper (1941-        )


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Re-posted: 1/15/03
Searchable File of Names of Many of the Descendents of Joseph and Louisa Skipper