V Line
White River Water
This is a scan of a strip of 8x10 Cibachrome print I made from the original slide. The photo was made in the headwaters of the White River in northwest Arkansas. The Whitewater development that the Clintons invested in was further down the river. Here the shallow water ripples over smooth stones and reflects the golden sunlight.

Crop duster
The subdivision that we built in in 1964 was at the end of a very large rice field. It was interesting to watch the old bi-planes dusting the crops. There usually was a flagman out in the field to mark the planes passes. Rice was grown there for several more years and they were still spraying after a new elemetary school was built down at the end of the field in the direction the plane is headed in the photo. This was taken on Ektachrome slide film I think.

Wooden Dove Crystal Egg These are two of the souvenirs that I bought in the open-air market in Moscow. The dove's body is carved from wood and the feathers are made of tiny wood shavings.

I bought the crystal egg on my last day and didn't have $20 in rubles. The vendor said I should pay him in dollars anyway, since all his supplies had to be paid for in dollars. I think the sun's reflection added a nice touch to the photo.

Silver Snoopy Pin This is a larger than life image of the Silver Snoopy Award Pin that I recieved in 1989 "For professionalism, dedication, and outstanding support that greatly enhanced flight safety and mission success during the Space Shuttle Space Transportation System Program." Although there have been hundreds of recipients, it is still the most prized award, since it is presented by the astronauts themselves as part of the NASA Manned Flight Awareness program. The award was presented to me by Bill Shepherd on October 5, 1989.

Wild Daisy This is a deformed wild daisy. Wild daisies grow along the roadside and fence rows back home. They normally have a black finger-tip looking central part surrounded by petals and the stems are normally round like pencils. This one is deformed with a thin wide stem and an elongated central part that curves. This was taken around 1960 with the Kodak Signet 40 on slide film.

Little Harmonica
This photo shows a miniature Hohner harmonica and its worn storage box at approximately life size. It is possible to play simple one-octave songs on it. Lighting was sunlight from a window. This was also on slide film.

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