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Mosquito with Walking Stick Bugs
Walking-stick - a phasmid insect (Diapheromera femorata) common in parts of the U.S. We don't usually see them except when they are mating. The male is the smaller of the two and in this photograph his back legs grasp the surface, his middle legs grasp the sides of the female, and his front legs are extended straight forward parallel to his antennae. The two rear pairs form a sort of 'X'. Just as I snapped the shutter, a mosquito flew onto the back of the male between the back two legs. The mosquito is a little hard to see, but its back legs are black with little white bands. It flew away immediately, but I had the shot; a rare one I think.

Red Spider
We were standing in the drive-way by the car when I noticed this unusual spider in the tree. I ran for my camera and held the web still to get two shots. I have seen this type of spider before, but I don't know what kind it is.
Grasshopper A grasshopper or locust. This was made long ago. I probably used close-up extension rings. Grasshoppers are easy to catch.
Cicada Cicada Shell I was trimming some limbs in the back yard this spring and found this cicada first and then its dried larval husk of a shell. I think that it had just emerged because it didn't try to fly away. They were called 'dry flies' because of the shells which were pretty common in the country. The males make an unusual, but pleasant, sound that reminds me of my childhood in the country.

Old Butterfly Photo Big Fly I took this butterfly photo long ago.

The next two photos were taken this spring in Arkansas. Several of the other butterfly photos were on this bush. This was a large fly; probably what we would call a horse fly. This photo shows it a little larger than life size.

This is another of the photos from the same bush. I think I can see a very tiny flying insect toward the right of the photograph. It is just above the edge of the leaf and the butterfly seems to be looking at it. I haven't noticed it before.

Leaves from our hedge. Of course this is just a strip of the original photo. I think it might make a good banner background with white letters over it.

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